Afghanistan 2010 expedition

In 2009 I failed miserabily in convicing anyone to join me on a trip to Afghanistan’s remote Wakhan Corridor. In 2010 there were dozens of people ready to join the expedition, which goal was to climb virgin 5000+m high peaks. In the end we formed a team of 14, got hold of two 4×4, drove across half of Asia and climbed 8 virgin peaks as a part of Polish National Climbing Expedition Afghanistan 2010. I won’t lie to you saying it felt nice being first Polish climbers to visit the area after 33 years of zero activity and add a modest paragraph to the Polish history of exploration of the mountains of Central Asia.

Mountain ranges: Koh-e-Ak-Su (part of the Afghanistan’s Pamir mountains)
Year: 2010

[You can read more about that climbing expedition in 2011 edition of the American Alpine Journal and about my solo exploration in 2010 edition of the AAJ]

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