Cordilliera Huayhuash

We were already travelling for a year when we finally hit Peru’s Corilliera Huayhash. A mountain range less known than Cordilliera Blanca, but much more wild. We set on the 120 kms long trek in a team of four: Yusti, me, Django and our donkey. Unfortunately on the second the beast damaged its knee and we had contract a helper with fresh animals. The whole walk took at the end some 10 days (due to altitudes varying between 3500 and 5000 m) and thanks to shoulder season we had the luck of not meeting any other trekkers, while still enjoying relatively good weather.

Country: Peru
Year: 2015

(as you’ll have noticed photos are watermarked with logo, which a blog about digital nomadism, which we started with Yusti, when travelling through South America)

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