Upper Mustang

It was early September 2019, somewhere on the coast of the Italian island of Sardinia, when together with Antek, we’ve decided to go Nepal and work remotely from there for a couple of months (here you can read in Polish how it was). And since we were already there, why not take some holidays and visit what’s left of he quickly disappearing remains of the used-to-be-“forbidden” Kingdom of Lo? Place known to most as “Upper Mustang” (“Mustang” having nothing to do with horses or cars, but most probably being a mispronunciation of Manthang, it’s “capital”) and being one of the few pockets of the feudal Tibet, still supposed to be relatively intact by modernisation. That being said, as of 2019, there were gravel roads reaching every single settlement in Upper Mustang, which combined with a permit-free influx of motorised local tourists and the Nepali govt’ pushing hard for opening the border with China for lorry traffic, is destined to destroy region’s cultural uniqueness and its appeal to trekkers in a blink of the eye.

Location: Nepal
Year: 2019

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